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The Secret to No Money Down Car Deals

Everyone knows how difficult it is to save enough money for a significant down payment, especially during this rocky phase of the economy.  Unfortunately, just about everybody still needs a car to drive.  Don't panic, we can help you buy or finance a car with no money down

Consider this:  there are very few genuine "zero down" financing programs.  However, people buy cars everyday without putting down $1000's of their own money.  This is how:  rebates and trade-ins.  Most dealerships work with 3rd-party finance companies or lenders, and these lenders usually have a minimum threshold for down payment.  But auto dealers want to sell cars.  They want to be able to say "sign and drive."  So they've developed some creative ways to help you meet the down payment reqs without having a huge chunk of cash-money on tap. 

One method is trading in your vehicle.  Now, what dealer will very often do is take your trade-in that might be worth, say, $2500, and give you $5000 for it.  Then he bakes that extra $2500 he lost into the cost of the vehicle you buy.  That way, you get the money needed to give the lender as down payment, and he (or she) gets to sell a vehicle they would not have otherwise. 

Rebates are another way you get the quick cash needed to meet the down payment requirement.  The only hitch is that these are usually applicable to new car purchases alone. 

Both of these methods show you how you can get a 0 down car financing package even if a lender wants money down.  If you want to move forward finding a dealer or lender who offers such deals, please visit Zero Down Car Loans, a trusted "no money down" auto loan finder. 
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